We've seen some innovative, yet expensive, methods to rid cities of the foul indecency of dog owners who refuse to clean up after Fido craps on the sidewalk.

However, Mexican Internet portal Terra is tapping into the online pulse of the modern era and has come up with a truly contemporary way to inspire dog owners to get out their plastics bags.

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The company has teamed up with ad agency DDB to create a pilot program in 10 parks in Mexico City and it definitely gets my seal of approval. After pet owners pick up their dog's turds, they can place the bag in a special box that calculates its weight in exchange for a few minutes of free Wi-Fi. Ladies and gentle, welcome to 21st Century.

Of course, that didn't stop park habitués from dropping bags of garbage in the box to claim their free Wi-Fi, but DDB said they didn't mind. In their opinion, if people want to pick up trash — so be it — that just means a cleaner park.

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To ensure the device is used pooperly properly, during the day, hostesses stand beside the boxes handing out bags to dog owners.

While it's not even in the ballpark exploiting the homeless as Wi-Fi hotspots, this new program is sure to raise, if not wrinkle, a few brows. If anything, it's a sign of the times.