A dog that an Oklahoma shelter “euthanized” and confirmed to be dead was recently found alive and well in the facility’s dumpster, News 9 in Oklahoma City has reported.

(The resurrected pup; Image: Petfinder.com)

The three-month-old male black and white puppy had supposedly been put to (permanent) sleep with injections to one of his limbs and to his heart. A stethoscope test at the Sulphur, Okla., shelter led to the declaration that he’d died.

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“You might say that he’s an angel dog,” animal control officer Scott Prall told News 9, after Prall found the resurrected dog, now named Wall-e, wandering around inside the trash bin.

Disney-Pixar’s fictional Wall-e was a robot that was the last of his kind.

Four of puppy Wall-E’s littermates did die as intended during the euthanasia process. Someone had previously left the dogs outside of the shelter, already over-crowded with homeless pets. Staff there believed the puppies were thin and “appeared to be sickly,” so the decision was made to put them down.

Wall-e proved them wrong, however, by not just surviving but thriving.

“He was just as healthy as he could be,” Prall said after his surprise trash bin discovery, made a full day after the “euthanization” took place.

Amanda Kloski, a veterinarian in Oklahoma, has been caring for Wall-e since his brush with death. Kloski created a PetFinder.com profile for the now popular pup.

According to that profile, Wall-e “has a lot of hookworms and is being treated for that. He has had his first puppy dhpp and bordetella vaccines and a dose of sentinel for fleas and parasites.”

Hundreds of families have already offered to adopt Wall-e, so I’m hopeful he’ll settle into a loving home soon.

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“We have NEVER had the problem (or BLESSING) of more than one family wishing to adopt a dog,” Kloski wrote on PetFinder. “Most of our dogs do not get this chance or opportunity even ONCE.”

Wall-e’s amazing tale appears to have a happy ending. You can create such a positive outcome for dogs and other animals now up for adoption. Please check out the listings at petfinder.com.