Edmonds licking Saint Nicholas

The men and women who built England’s cathedrals hundreds of years ago envisioned pilgrims traveling hundreds of miles to worship in the majestic buildings. They didn’t think anyone would be licking, their walls, and I can’t imagine they’d approve of Lawrence Edmonds, who’s doing exactly that. The 26-year-old has spent more than a year traveling the country, licking 42 Anglican cathedrals, reported The Sun.

Edmonds started taking his tongue to cathedrals after a bet between two of his friends: One bet the other couldn’t lick every cathedral in the country (the loser would have to run a naked lap around York Minster cathedral). Edmonds was interested, and asked if he could take his place. Now having traveled 5,000 miles on his tour, he says that each house of worship has a particular taste (Salisbury was disgusting). At one licking, some cathedral stone ended up on his tongue.

No doubt that it’s an odd thing to do, but it’s a different way to travel, and certainly an interesting one. Now Edmonds is off to lick 20 more cathedrals in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so he’ll have covered the whole United Kingdom.

Watch Edmonds’ interview with Archaeosoup (it starts about 3 minutes in):