Elephant Guards Murdered in Chad: It's terrible enough that elephants are being slaughtered in Africa. Since 2005, the number of elephants in Zakouma National Park in Chad totaled 3,885 elephants. Today there are 457.

But now a group of men guarding the dwindling herds have been murdered. J. Michael Fray reports that at least five guards — Zakaria Ibrahim, Brahim Khamis, Daoud Aldjouma, Djibrine Adoum Goudja and Idriss Adoum — were gunned down in September for protecting the last of these magnificent animals. If history is any indication, the poachers will not stop when the last elephant has been killed. They have already decimated the Black Rhino. And most likely will move on to the next "blood industry."

And for what? As DNews writer Tim Wall reports, "Ivory has replaced blood diamonds as a major source of cash for criminal armies. International organized crime syndicates serve as the middle men. Money flows through these mafias and into the pockets of Africa's worst murders, rapists and poachers largely because of the growth of the luxury good hungry middle and upper classes of China." via National Geographic