FinderCodes can increase the chance you'll get your lost stuff back (Photos: FinderCodes)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your lost dog could send you a text to let you know where he is? Or if your briefcase could call you to come pick it up after you left it in a cab? That’s the genius behind FinderCodes, an electronic lost and found system that lets your missing, left behind, escaped and misplaced gear, gadgets, equipment, keys, luggage, bikes, electronics, pets and more, contact you to let you know where it is.

Created as a co-branded product with AT&T;, FinderCodes can improve your chances of getting your stuff back by giving the good samaritan who found it an easy way to get ahold of you. All in complete anonymity for both of you. The finder just scans the QR code on the FinderCodes tag with their smartphone, and they are given options to message, call or email you with its whereabouts. And it happens instantly, so if you’re still in the area where you lost whatever it is, you can head back over.

The finder will never know your phone number or email address, eliminating the chance they’ll become a stalker. You also have the option to offer a reward, and FinderCodes will up the reward ante by giving the finder a free kit of their own, just for returning your stuff.

FinderCodes makes 7 different kits, including the 4 above

FinderCodes makes 7 different kits for specific items: Electronics, Travel, Home, School Stuff, Pet Owner, Kid Stuff, and Baby Things. (Those last two are for kid and baby stuff… not the actual kid or baby. Although that’s not a bad idea…) Each kit comes with whatever tags are necessary and convenient to attach to your stuff, like key tags, adhesive tags and iron-on tags.

Best of all, there are no monthly fees (that usually add up costing more than you’d pay to replace the thing you lost in the first place). You just buy the $24.99 kit, attach the tags and you’re good to go. There’s also a 30 day money-back guarantee, which is good, especially if the thing you tend to lose most is money.

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