Even the Easter Bunny has to follow the rules. That’s why a California Highway Patrol officer pulled over this white, furry driver of a motorcycle with a sidecar on the Saturday before Easter.

His offense? Not wearing a helmet and driving with obstructed vision (thanks to that bunny head).

San Diego CHP officer Adam Griffiths on patrol on a La Mesa, Calif. freeway radioed in on Saturday: “I’m stopping the Easter Bunny.”

Pennings’ partner in his squad car snapped a picture of the giant rabbit (the costumed rabbit was on his way to a charity event), as he got a lecture from Griffiths about safe driving.

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“Griffiths told him it was a serious situation and that it wasn’t a joke. He explained to him the safety ramifications of not having a helmet,” CHP East County PIO Brian Pennings told ABC 10 News.

The driver/bunny got away with a warning and no ticket, then deposited his bunny head in the sidecar and hopped on his way.

Photo: The Easter Bunny gets a stern lecture on safe driving. Image courtesy: California Highway Patrol