Image: Guggenheim Store

LEGOs were among my favorite toys growing up, but their plastic make them less than eco-friendly.

Earth Blocks, however, borrow from the toy-brick idea while using natural, environmentally minded materials. The blocks are made from a composite of cedar tree bark, compressed dust from sawn cedar logs, coffee beans, green tea leaves and other recycled materials that were blended with polypropylene for rigidity.

But being green does come at a price: A set of 50 building bricks costs $30 from the Guggenheim Store (with a 10 percent discount for museum members); in contrast, LEGO’s Ultimate Building Set which includes 405 pieces costs $30 on Amazon.

These blocks also don’t come in any bright colors. Instead, you have a natural, brown color that will vary from batch to batch. But who needs colors when you have imagination? The Japanese-made Earth Blocks come in one size measuring 1 1/4 by 5/8 by 5/8 inches.

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