Baked beans and beuf stroganoff, cooked in the can. Image via YouTube screenshot.

If you’ve moved past the video about what happens when you microwave things you shouldn’t, you’re ready for this compilation video of more diverse, extreme and just plain stupid stunts with food- all filmed in super slow motion. Aptly titled “Stupidity Captured at 2,500 Frames per Second,” it’s from “Dumt & Farligt,” a Danish TV show.

The six minute video focuses mostly on various ways of making food explode: with a baseball bat, a lawn mower, fireworks, a chainsaw, a bullet and more. My personal favorite is the dropping of the flour over the candle, creating a mini-inferno, but the simplicity of stuffing fireworks into a birthday cake has its appeal as well.

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There are some non-food stunts, such as “lighter + candle + bullet,” and even one that approaches something useful (but not really) – using fireworks to turn a clothes drying rack.

Shot with a Phantom Flex digital high-speed camera, according to This Is Colossal, ”Stupidity” is without a doubt the ultimate “do not try this at home” video. But it sure is a lot of fun to watch.