Scary or good? I’m not absolutely sure but the Lulu App is changing dating dynamics. Ladies on Facebook can use the app to rate men who are exes, friends, crushes, relatives, colleagues and beaus. The app puts that rating on each man’s Facebook profile.

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The Lulu App was launched last year by entrepreneur Alexandra Chong as “a private network for girls to share insights on life and love.” Women on Facebook can answer multiple-choice questions about a man they know. Then the app uses an algorithm to generate an overall 1 to 10 rating that appears on the man’s profile, along with descriptive hashtags such as #FriendZone or #TemperTantrums, Deborah Schoeneman reported in the New York Times.

Lulu App has a video on YouTube from earlier this fall that illustrates how it works. The party shown is pretty much my nightmare, but more power to people who enjoy dancing with their smartphones while laughing maniacally.

Although men can’t alter their Lulu scores, they can post their own more positive hashtags. The App’s creators say they also protect men from abuse by using the multiple-choice format instead of allowing users to write their own Yelp-like comments. Men can be removed from Lulu immediately upon request. The weird thing is that even men with low scores aren’t necessarily doing that.

“Lulu has received over 500,000 requests from men to be put up for feedback,” Schoeneman wrote in the Times. “Apparently many believe it’s better to have been badly reviewed than never to have been reviewed.”

While the app could give some women more control in navigating potential relationships with men by arming them with info, ladies do not all see men the exact same way. One woman’s dud is another woman’s stud, and vice versa. Then again, if enough women you already trust are saying the same things about a guy, who knows. Could be helpful.

At a time when date rape still occurs with alarming frequency and federal law hasn’t quite caught up with the horrors that the Internet can inflict on women, I admire Alexandra Chong’s attempt to tip the power balance. After all, as she noted to the Times, there’s no “Guygle.” Yet.

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While discussing the app recently, the question about the way different superheroes would get rated came up. Because, why not. It made me wonder what rating the ladies in his social circle would give Thor using the Lulu App. Maybe a 9.9 and #outofthisworld?

Photo: Still from a video showing how the Lulu App works. Credit: Lulu App (video)