Dual Zone ChiliPad PLS: Queen, $899; King or California King, $999

Ahhh summer, the perfect time to flop onto a nice, cool bed. (Or for our friends south of the equator: Ahhh winter, the perfect time to nestle into a nice, warm bed.) Whatever the season, it's all about being comfortable and getting a good night's sleep. The Dual Zone ChiliPad not only minds your climate, but your partner's body thermostat as well.

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As Chili Technology's Robert Epperson informed Discovery News, "Technically the body cools a bit during the first part of sleep, then warms up as you start awakening." So while it varies from person to person, it's been found that most folks sleep comfortably with a body temp between 88 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

When using the "auto" function, after an hour with the heat or cold cranked, the pad will respectively ease back down to 95 or up to 88. (Again, that's the pad's temp, not yours!) Also, a timer can be set to turn the system on or off after a certain number of hours. Either way, it maxes at 12 continuous hours, automatically shutting off to conserve energy.

The best part is that it can do all this for each side of a Queen-, King- or California King-sized bed. The control units — which each come with their own wireless remote — circulate water through their half of the pad's soft, medical-grade silicone tubing. Ideally, that leads to fewer fights, less tossing and turning, and year-round energy savings. Chili also offers smaller, single-zone pads, as well as entire bed systems.

Credit: Chili Technology