Officials in the Florida Keys are gearing up to launch a drone warfare on summer menace number one: the bloodsucking, itch-inducing mosquito.

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The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District has announced it will test unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with infrared cameras in effort to more efficiently kill the pests. While it would be totally boss if the drones were strapped with ‘skeeter-blasting lasers, the hawk-shaped UAVs will instead be used to spot the shallow pools of water where mosquitoes breed. Once the pools are located, ground crews will swoop in and use larvicides to wipe out the pests at the larval stage.

Created by Condor Aerial, an aerial surveillance company in North Carolina, the 2.2 pound, battery-powered drone is a fixed-wing Maveric model that can fly for 90 minutes.

Need anyone be reminded of the menace, the Florida Keys reportedly has over 40 species of mosquitoes, which can transmit dengue fever, encephalitis, malaria and dog heartworm. A test flight is slated for August 26.

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Because I’m sick of slathering myself in Deet every time I want to enjoy the great outdoors, Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, once you’re done, can you please steer your mosquito drone up the eastern seaboard so it can circle the skies over the swamp they call Washington, DC?

via IEEE Spectrum

Credit: Condor Aerial