A dolphin and whale tour group has caused a buzz on Facebook feeds of late with its footage (see video below) of dolphins swimming just ahead of the waves made by a local celebrity humpback whale.

Capt. Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Safari, in Dana Point, Calif., launched a drone on several days between early September and early November in order to document the unusual sight of dolphins happily deriving free propulsion from a whale known as Gooseneck. The humpback seems to have made a home off Orange County in the last 6-8 weeks and has been seen there almost every day.

In addition to the dolphins gliding along just below and above the water's surface, the video captures some terrific footage up close of Gooseneck underwater and also surfacing alongside a boat full of excited tourists.

The tour organizer says on its Youtube page that Gooseneck has also been seen "kelping," or draping itself in kelp, a behavior whose reason isn't yet understood.