Urban architecture often contributes to pollution. Skyscrapers require tons of energy to heat and cool the residents inside. Concentrations of buildings in cities can cause heat islands that raise temperatures during the summer months, reducing air quality. But a building, called Project Blue, is designed to reduce pollution.

It won Honorable Mention in the architectural journal eVolo’s annual skyscraper design competition.

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Chinese architecture students Yang Siqi, Zhan Beidi, Zhao Renbo and Zhang Tianshuo wanted to design a building that would help reduce the high levels of particulate pollution that’s becoming all too common in Chinese cities. The process is complicated, but essentially their building would scrub carbon monoxide from the air and turn it into methane that could be used to generate electricity or power methane fuel cells in cars.

eVolo’s website has a host of amazing concepts, including other buildings meant to clean the air. Hyper Filter Skyscraper, for example, inhales carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and exhales concentrated oxygen. Eventually, future cities could have mountain-clear air.