Australian design firm Hassell has unveiled a concept for a new double-decker high-speed train meant to travel between Melbourne and Sydney. Flying at speeds of 248 miles per hour, the train would make the trip, which is one of the busiest air traffic corridors in the world, in less than three hours.

Hassell's design shows a spacious, sophisticated train that has private booths for business meetings as well as dining facilities and a convenience store. Such a train could appeal to commuters, who are tired of dealing with long lines, delayed flights and cramped seating common in air travel.

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According to Hassell's website, the train would do the following:

  • remove the reliance on air and private vehicle travel to in turn reduce carbon emissions

  • provide shorter travel times to regional cities under pressure from population growth and urban sprawl

  • reduce transport-related congestion, opening up housing choice and affordability, and increasing national productivity.


[via Sydney Morning Herald]

Credit: Hassell