Photo via Domino's of Japan website

First the Russians announced their first-ever hotel in space, but now a Domino’s Pizza location on the moon? This idea was announced by Scott Oelkers, CEO of Domino’s of Japan during the revelation of their new “Moon Branch Project” last week.

Pizza in outer space is nothing new; US chain Pizza Hut had their pizzas delivered to astronauts on the International Space Station in 2001. However, Domino’s Moon Branch Project would be a much more ambitious undertaking — if it is indeed more than just a publicity stunt to celebrate Domino’s of Japan’s 25th anniversary. The estimated cost of their stylish, multilevel dome-shaped location: $21.7 billion, as quoted by the Maeda Corporation, the Japanese engineering and construction firm known to build large scale projects like the passenger terminal building of Hong Kong International Airport.

Domino’s Moon Branch Project website may be designed to make their idea look legitimate, but it is most likely all a hoax; we don’t have residents on the moon just yet, let alone pizza delivery. But if I’m ever going to see the day when people like myself are living in a lunar condo, I might find myself eating more Domino’s Pizza there than I do on Earth — we all weigh 83.4% lighter there anyway.