In one the strangest ways to plug Dell products, the PC maker has created the above promotional video highlighting how photographer Clayton Sotos, a Dell user, finds inspiration.

Or, as The Loop put it in this headline: “Dell’s the computer to use if taking photos of fat guys farting is your thing.”

The video itself, the first of the company’s Visual Innovators series, is well put together, with great shots that help tell Sotos’ story — about growing up as an “offbeat” immigrant child, his dad giving him his first camera and his creative process as a photographer — while avoiding coming off as overtly blatant Dell marketing. It’s just that the video ends on shots of a naked overweight man simulating passing gas. Yes, exactly as The Loop described it. It’s not presented in an indecent manner, but I will say there is a money shot that’s essentially a closeup of the below screenshot at 2:45.

Tell me, does this make you want to buy a Dell?