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Soda tax does little to decrease obesity, study shows
"Extra sales taxes on soda may not do anything to improve people's health, according to new research from a health economist."

Soft-drink tax worth its weight in lost kilos
"A tax on sweetened soft drinks could be an effective weapon in the war against obesity, generating weight losses of up to 3.64 kilograms as individuals reduce their consumption."

A SODA Tax - Will it Change Anything?
"These are the catchy titles of public health campaigns being waged around the country in an effort to convince people to go soda-free, reduce the amount of empty calories from sugar they consume and help them shed some pounds."

Soda Tax Could Lead to Slight Weight Loss
"Increasing taxes on sweetened drinks, such as soda, could lead to modest weight loss at best, particularly among middle-income families, and could generate between $1.5 billion and $2.5 billion in annual revenue, according to a study."

Profiling Food Consumption in America
"Americans at the beginning of the 21st century are consuming more food and several hundred more calories per person per day than did their counterparts in the late 1950s (when per capita calorie consumption was at the lowest level in the last century), or even in the 1970s."