We have another quirky vending machine to add to our collection. This one takes a meta approach to beer distribution in today’s 24/7 hyper-connected, perma-distracted world: put down the devices, stand still for three minutes and receive a beer.

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Bulgarian advertising firm Next Digital Creative Agency launched the vending machine as part of the Amstel Pause campaign, “the first installation that makes you do nothing and gives you beer in return.”

“People as a whole rarely take a break,” campaign developers said, according to Fast Company.” They spend most of their days in the office and are constantly interacting through various social networks while balancing different tasks. We decided that we want to help them de-stress a little.”

Passer-byes are lured to the vending machine by red velvet ropes, where they’re instructed to stand in one spot and push a red button that rings a bell and starts the timer. Users must remain still — any movement will trigger a motion sensor and reset the timer. After a successfully idle three minutes, out pops a can a beer.

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So far, on its 16-day debut tour across Bulgaria, the campaign has given out 1,344 beers. While there’s no word on an ensuing tour, you can get a little taste by watching this video and wishing you were in Bulgaria.

via Fast Company

Credit: Next Digital Creative Agency, Amstel