Weight discrimination is a widespread issue, and now a new study reveals that even doctors are guilty of it. How does this affect patient care and is anything being done about it? Laci finds out.

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"Weight Bias Is As Prevalent As Racial Discrimination, Study Suggests"
"Discrimination against overweight people--particularly women--is as common as racial discrimination, according to a study by the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University."

"Overweight patients face bias, even from doctors"
"A provocative new study suggests that they are - that thin patients are treated with more warmth and empathy than those who are overweight or obese."

"Implicit and Explicit Anti-Fat Bias among a Large Sample of Medical Doctors by BMI, Race/Ethnicity and Gender"
"Overweight patients report weight discrimination in health care settings and subsequent avoidance of routine preventive health care."

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