Technology is everywhere in our lives. From the phone alarm that wakes us up (in my case the iPhone’s Miramba ring), to the Blackberry that keeps us in touch with work (er, 24/7 in my case…), to the digital crockpot cooking the pork roast for tonight, to the satellite radio/Bluetooth radio setup in car – the list goes on and on and on.

We’re more connected than ever. We’re Facebooking, Tweeting, texting and Angry Birds-ing on iPads, Androids and iPhones. Our smart phones can read prices on products; our thermometers speak to us about the temperature of the meat on the barbecue; robots crawl across our floors when we’re not there, sucking up our dirt.

And so what? Besides the fact that it’s all pretty nifty, why should we care? And, by the way, when is the next best thing coming down the pike? When am I going to get my jet pack?

For the past 13 years, the DNews team has brought you cutting-edge tech, usually in the form of really big things most of us can’t afford, like this Iron Man-type super suit. Or the amazing science behind technology, like this advance in DNA computing.

But now, we’re going bring you the “so what” of the technology closest to you: the stuff you can wear, drive, upload to, play games on. Rob Pegoraro, formerly the Washington Post’s tech columnist, has joined our team to shed light on the trends that will mean the most to our readers, like this week’s iCloud announcement from Apple.

Not only that, we’re also going to feature the newest gadgets out there that you just have to have. Not just the latest do-dad on the shelf at the local superstore, but the stuff that can make it easier (and more fun) for you to live.

You’ll notice our new-look homepage, which reflects our expanded coverage of Tech & Gadgets and Autos, as well as more stories in Adventure: aka people who go out and do things most of us wouldn’t. We can only admire them.

Our experts and correspondents are still covering the stories you won’t find anywhere else on the Web in Earth, Space, Animals (where you’ll find Dinosaur stories), History (where Archaeology stories now live), and Human.

So, poke around, let us know what you think in the comments sections, on our Facebook page or on Twitter, and enjoy the new DNews!


Photo Credit: iStock Photo