Photos by Jenn at Clever Girl Blog

Jenn over at Clever Girl Blog might very well be the coolest geek-girl ever. Using some tape, paint and beer, she turned an old bike helmet into one awesome R2 unit. I have a feeling, this is the Droid you are looking for.

Please visit her blog for the full instruction set plus some fun commentary. Do excuse her taste in beer though.

1. Sand paper the old helmet.

2. Prime it and spray it with silver paint.

3. Outline all the shapes with tape. Jenn confesses “It involved a lot of measuring, cursing circles for being so round, and wishing I had kept my protractor and compass from high school. ”

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4. Next spray in the blue parts of R2. Jenn did this with a Michelob Ultra at hand. Since this helmet is so darn cool, we’ll forgive her for the beer foul.

5. You are almost there! Remove the tape and enjoy some Droid goodness.

6. Bike safety is important so make sure to install a bike light into the helmet.

7. Top off the helmet with some clear coat. Jenn notes “The final step was giving it about 374 cans of clear coat. I think if I learned anything from this project, it’s that nothing (except cakes) can suffer from too many layers of clear coat. When it was done I wore it around the house until it was time for bed… and then I wore it to bed.”