Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of your office, school, or wherever you happen to be. Computers, people talking and lots of other "ambient" noise can all be thought of as music. What is music but sounds set to a rhythm. So when we found this video of old office e quipment being used to play "House of the Rising Sun," we couldn't resist sharing. via Discovery Blog

It's easy to talk about the biology of a fetus if you can do so dispassionately. No matter your political opinion, this video is a beautiful exposé of how unborn fetuses move and act in the womb. The clarity is jaw dropping. via NewScientist

What is dirtier: a dogs mouth or a humans? You may think you know all about this, but without science yo might just be guessing. Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" commits himself, and his mouth, to the research.

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