Man Assaulted for Wearing Digital Eyeglasses: Google's Project Glass is nowhere near the first attempt at creating a wearable computer. The idea has been around for decades, and there are currently prosthetic "eyes" designed to help those who need it.

Steve Mann was visiting Paris with his family when he was assaulted at a McDonald's on the popular avenue, Champs Elysees. While there, three men approached him and attempted to forceably remove his "glasses", not aware the prosthetic was physically attached to his skull. Anticipating these problems, Mann had a note from a dctor explaining the prosthetic, but the attackers "angrily crumpled and ripped up the letter" before pushing him out the door.

Mann's device was damaged during the assault, thus it no longer continuously overwrote the memory with new images. Because of this, the attackers faces were retrieved from the "glasses" later. He's currently working to find the assailants, and get help from McDonald's Corporation to repair the prosthetic with no response as of this writing. via Slashdot and Steve Mann's Blog