Photojojo Digital Time-Lapse Camera: $149.00

Time-lapse videos can be an exciting and awe-inspiring view into an otherwise ordinary world. They can also be a huge pain. Animals can invade your shot, the wind can knock your camera over, or worse, rain can ruin your delicate DSLR. This is where the Photojojo Digital Time-Lapse Camera comes in. Photojojo is a tiny, blue, weather resistant, battery-powered camera that can shoot up 200 hours of HD video in AVI files. The finished product will look just a regular video, instead of a chain of JPEG shots some time-lapse cameras record.

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The device doesn’t need an intervalometer and has a macro setting so that the details of a shot are never missed. It’s also tripod-ready and has a 2GB flash drive. After time intervals are set on the back of the device, all there is to do is position it where you like and press the button in the front. So, whether you’re recording a nest of baby birds growing over time, or waiting to see how long it takes your fast food burger to decompose, Photojojo will probably be your best bet.

Credit: Photojojo