Image: Screenshot

When Matthew Riese had the idea to build a DeLorean hovercraft, he turned to Kickstarter.

After raising $5,644 through the crowdfunding website and two years of hard work, he finally debuted the craft inspired by the “Back to the Future” franchise during a Giants game Aug. 8. The newscasters were pretty entertained at the spectacle.


The final version wasn’t a floating hovercraft, but a Dalorean floating on McCovey Cove on the San Francisco Bay behind AT&T; Park. Still, a pretty valiant effort given tech and financial constraints ($5,000 can only buy you so much, guys).

“I’ve always really wanted to believe that life can be epic, that great things are possible,” Riese said in a video (below) showing the making of the DeLorean.


Glad to see this come into fruition. Still a spectacular showing, even if it doesn’t time travel.