A Brief History of Dehydration: Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell has attributed his recent public naked meltdown to "dehydration." Jezebel.com takes a look at the "brief history of celebrities who have claimed to be parched." It seems to have started in the '90s with Michael Jackson.(6:08 p.m.) via Jezebel.

Indoor Ski Bunnies: By 2015, Stockholm, Sweden, may have an indoor ski park. The city, which doesn’t have any snow-capped mountains, does have a ski club. And the members convinced an architectural firm to build an energy-efficient ski park housed inside a structure that’s powered by the sun, wind and water. The park will have a downhill slope as well as a 2.2-mile cross-country ski tunnel and a full-scale biathlon arena. Architects says the park will use 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy per year, which is less than half of what other indoor ski parks use. (3:47 p.m.) via PopSci

Pick Einstein’s Brain: A searchable, annotated archive of Einstein’s papers now exists online. Hebrew University of Jerusalem scanned around 80,000 documents covering science, the Jewish-Arab conflict, personal correspondence and other topics. Some are translated, some are annotated and explained and still others are in the universal language of mathematics. The archive is located at alberteinstein.info. (12:15 p.m.) via Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Read more about this on Discovery News: Albert Einstein, Up Close and Personal

Altitude Sickness? There’s a Pill for That As many hikers know, high altitudes can make you feel ick — regular fatigue aside. Researchers believe it may be because a lack of oxygen to the brain can cause it to swell with fluids. One solution may be to pop ibuprofen. A clinical study by researchers at Stanford University found that taking the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory reduced altitude sickness symptoms by 26 percent in a study of 58 men and 28 women who slept and then hiked in a high altitude area of the White Mountains, Calif. Other altitude sickness drugs are available, (acetazolamide and dexamethasone to name a couple), but they can have more side effects than popping a couple Advil. (9:15 a.m.) via ABC Science Online

Faked Out: Does this video look too amazing to be true? After an initial holy human-bird-wings batman moment — Wired took a closer look and grounded this conbird er birdman. (5:40 a.m.) via Wired