Mystery surrounds a deadly wolf attack in Sweden. A 30-year-old worker was killed by a pack of wolves in their enclosure at Kolmarden park, one of the country’s most popular wildlife parks and the largest in Scandinavia. There were no witnesses and police stated they don’t know what led to the attack, reported Reuters.

After the attack, park staff entered the enclosure to recover their co-worker’s body. An armed official stood by ready to shoot the wolves if they attacked again.

Wolf expert Olof Liberg criticized the wildlife park over the incident. Apparently the slain woman entered the enclosure alone and wasn’t checked on for over an hour.

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“I would have expected that the zoo had clear routines for what to do if someone got injured in the wolf enclosure,” said Liberg in The Local, a Swedish newspaper.

A Swedish rancher reported the management of the park to the police on manslaughter charges because he believed their actions were negligent.

“I think it’s manslaughter. If they’re allowing another person to go in with the wolves, they’re putting that person’s life in danger. I think it’s time to put a stop to this wolf circus in Sweden,” said Stig Engdahl in Aftonbladet, another Swedish newspaper.

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Wolf attacks are rare and almost unheard of in the wild. The last deadly attack in Sweden was in the 1820’s, according to the Local. In natural surroundings, wolves tend to shy away from humans. The majority of deadly encounters between humans and wolves actually involved wolf/dog hybrids or wolves kept in captivity, as was the case in the recent Swedish tragedy.


A taxidermied grey wolf on display at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. (Quadell, Wikimedia Commons)