D.C. to Institute Fake Drinking Holiday: Common wisdom says when the economy is poor people drink, and when the economy is soaring people drink more. That sentiment is playing out now in the District of Columbia where a fake drinking holiday has been proposed.

The holiday will honor Thomas Jefferson's distant cousin, Douglas Jefferson. One major problem: Douglas Jefferson didn't exist.

The Washington City Paper is reporting the Douglas Jefferson Day Foundation wants to designate October 6th after Douglas Jefferson based on the following story:

In 1804… a man claiming to be a distant cousin of Thomas Jefferson entered Rhodes Tavern and offered to buy rounds for all who would sit with him. Awed by fantastical tales of his travels, patrons imbibed with the supposed Jefferson well into the night. But the jovial occasion ended in a most morbid fashion when Jefferson, leaving the tavern, was crushed by a passing vegetable cart. The regulars decided on the spot to commemorate Jefferson by instituting a holiday celebrating the spirit of his neighborly kindness and sense of community.

There are rules for celebrating Douglas Jefferson Day which include buying "a drink for a stranger" and gift giving.

Come October 6, many of us may inadvertently celebrate the new holiday, as the first rule of Douglas Jefferson Day is to simply celebrate "in a Public House of the District of Columbia, in the company of good friends." via Washington City Paper