Tony Rossi riding his dual snowboard. Image via Vimeo screengrab.

Snowboarding has a lot going for it, but it has its limits as well: with both feet locked in, there’s little variety in how you can stand, and it’s a pain to pop your foot out of the binding to board a chair lift or when you hit flat terrain. Dual Snowboards is looking to change all that with a simple but innovative solution: they’ve cut the board in half.

By giving each foot its own mini board, Dual makes getting around a whole lot easier, and adds a new range of movement to the sport. The shape of the boards maintains the sideways stance of the traditional snowboard, but, as the below video makes clear, it sets loose what you can do in the air. I don’t know how the new board(s) design will affect the rider’s ability to pull off big tricks, but it opens the field up to some new stuff.

Dual Boards are now on sale for $265; they fit conventional bindings. So how long before we see these in the Winter X Games?