Thin flesh-colored brushstrokes appear and disappear inside the frame, swirling around to create a new portrait with every turn.

Aptly titled “A Living Portrait,” this constantly morphing digital artwork from media design studio Universal Everything looks alive.

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The UK-based studio, led by creative director Matt Pyke, was commissioned to create the piece for a new digital canvas called the Depict Frame. Pyke drew inspiration from his art school days and Rembrant’s rich, dark tones, the Universal Everything site explains.

Initially the team contemplated thicker, paint-like liquid that swirled around for ”A Living Portrait,” but settled on the thinner, sketchier strokes. Medium posted an image of that early production in their artist spotlight from last year.

The 47-inch by 28.5-inch wireless Depict Frame displays moving art in ultra-HD resolution and comes in black, white, and maple. It can also swivel between portrait and landscape modes, the company says.

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Each frame includes the Universal Everything portrait plus a curated collection of digital art. Frame owners can opt for a monthly subscription, choosing what to display from hundreds of original 4K-resolution artworks.

See the painting in action here, but be forewarned that you might be disappointed when the mesmerizing video ends:

Just watching the video of “A Living Portrait” made me think the artwork might only be viewable in person at a museum or gallery, but the moving piece could be yours for $1,800.

The frames begin shipping this spring — right in time for nature to put on its own display.