What do you get when you invite a group of geeky, inventive hobbyists to build an indoor miniature golf course? You have an awesome 12-hole game where golf balls do things that they may never done before. For example, in one hole created by Russ Garrett, putting a ball into the right spot sends it through a vacuum powered suction tube which makes it goes in a loop not once, but twice. In another hole by Matt Gray, a golf ball is sent into a labyrinth puzzle controlled remotely by a Nintendo Wii controller. And in another hole by Tom Wyatt, golf balls seemingly teleport from one “portal” to another.

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This zany mini golf course was built in the Radiance Audio Limehouse Town Hall in the boroughs of London, simply as a celebration of invention. According to io9, it was the brainchild of renowned British gadget geek Tom Scott, who invited his fellow geeks and hackers to build the minigolf course simply “to celebrate his ten-thousandth day on this planet.” Sadly, the course isn’t a permanent exhibition, however several of the holes will appear at the next Maker Faire in Derby, UK, so that geeks and golfers alike can partake in the mad science.