Humans have been known to walk on fire and play soccer, but what if you combine the two? This school in Indonesia practices an interesting version of soccer called barefoot fireball. Barefoot fireball is a way to "celebrate the students' birthdays… and also to test their guts," said one of the people in the video.

It's played by preparing a coconut for the game and then setting it alight. The rest appears to be similar to soccer, though with a flaming "ball" there is little incentive to keep it near the body for too long. The players are covered in salt and non-flammable spices to protect them, and before the game begins a prayer is said to protect the boys.

"Setting the ball on fire makes it more fun," said one of the boys. Funnily enough, I don't find fault with the fireball, or even the bare feel (though a coconut is a bit hard to kick barefoot). My problem arises from playing with fire on a field of dry grass. What's up with that? via i09

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