Couple Finds Deep Well Under Sofa: Years ago, Colin and Venessa Steer, who live in a Victorian home in Plymouth, England, discovered an indentation in the floor of the living room. Since they had three young children at the time, they decided to cover up the depression for safety reasons.

But after the children were grown and Mr. Steer retired, he decided to investigate the dent in order to find out what it was. After three days of digging and clearing out dirt and debris using a bucket and pulley system, Steer found a well 30 inches wide and — he guesses — about 33 feet deep. It's unclear how old the well is, but Steer did find a sword in it, which could help date it.

Steer also found two unexploded German bombs in his backyard while gardening, prompting him to call the army. Just what else the Steers will find is anyone's guess.