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Textual healing: are apps the future of therapy?
"Compared with finding a therapist in a big city, signing up for text-message therapy was a breeze."

Computerized Therapy: Will Your Next Therapist Be a Computer?
"You have probably heard of ELIZA at one time or another. In the mid-1960s, Joseph Weizenbaum, a computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, developed a computer program to simulate a Rogerian psychotherapist."

Would You Want Therapy From a Computerized Psychologist?
"DARPA-funded technology says it can diagnose anxiety, depression, and PTSD-no human necessary."

ELIZA: Free Compu- Therapy... Sort Of
"Computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum died earlier this month, reminding us that his most famous creation, the computer program ELIZA, lives on."

The Future of Computerized Therapy
"There are some problems that continue to defeat computer science researchers."

Computational Linguistics
"ELIZA is a program operating within the MAC time-sharing system at MIT which makes certain kinds of natural language conversation between man and computer possible."