Magic mushrooms have more to offer than a good trip: new research shows they may help treat severe forms of depression. But a prominent researcher in the UK says his work is being stymied by the government. Laci Green looks at this fungal fix for a debilitating, sometimes deadly disease.

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"Magic mushrooms' psychedelic ingredient could help treat people with severe depression"
"Drugs derived from magic mushrooms could help treat people with severe depression."

"Neural correlates of the psychedelic state as determined by fMRI studies with psilocybin"
"Psychedelic drugs have a long history of use in healing ceremonies, but despite renewed interest in their therapeutic potential, we continue to know very little about how they work in the brain."

"Depression tied to over-active brain network"
"People with depression may not be able to "lose themselves" in work, music, exercises, or other activities that enable most healthy people to get "outside" of themselves."

"How Magic Mushrooms Work"
"An unusual item among our many different food sources, the mushroom is a fungus, not a plant. "

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