Want a matching helmet to go with that cardboard bike we mentioned earlier this year? Wish granted! An art student at the Royal College of Art designed Kranium, a bicycle helmet made from cardboard.

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The helmet is about 15 percent lighter than standard ones, but can absorb three times the impact from a collision. Anirudha Surabhi, the designer, was inspired by the average woodpecker when considering the design of this helmet. Woodpeckers are able to repeatedly strike hard wooden surfaces without injury thanks to their corrugated cartilage structure that separates beak from skull.

Kranium has a similar design structure and the paper board it's made of, called Dual Density Honey Comb Board, allows the helmet to flex and absorb impact. On top of being eco-safe chic, the helmet is also covered in a water repellant coating to keep out sweat and rain. Not too shabby for a material mainly used for moving, packing and shipping.

via EcoChunk

Credit: Anirudha Surabhi