For those who never jumped on the Snuggie bandwagon, you were wise to wait. There’s a smarter, more advanced, self-aware blanket from the University of Toronto that will put all other wraps to shame.

The prototype, dubbed the “IM Blanky,” is made of a conductive fabric and contains tilt sensors. Clusters of sensor-embedded petals gather information about their respective angles and send the position information to an Arduino computer, which calculates the slopes between the flowers. This results in a 3-D picture of the blanket’s state no matter how crumpled or folded it may be.

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The university developed the blanket for two reasons: to make a 3-D model of a form just by wrapping it in fabric, and to monitor hospital patients’ vitals. Laying a blanket over a person is much easier and more comfortable than the traditional method of poking and prodding.

Still in the research stage, this blanket won’t be available at your local Bed Bath & Beyond anytime soon. Hold out a little longer, if you can.


Credit: University of Toronto RAD