In the Making

Host Mike North is out to find those that dare to think different, traveling the globe and knocking down doors to hacker spaces, infiltrating top tech companies and walking the runway at Paris fashion week. Join Mike in discovering the next big thing.

May 12, 2016
No Ducks in This Down!
Dr. North investigates Polartec's high tech synthetic down at San Francisco based clothing company Triple Aught Design. 
Feb 04, 2016
Fashion Forward Smart Bracelet
Using e-ink, the technology in Kindle displays, LookSee is redefining the style, function, and efficiency of smart wearable devices.
Oct 29, 2015
We Can Now 3D Print In Space!
Made In Space has created the first 3D printer to go into space. Speaking with co-founder/CEO Aaron Kemmer we learn that they started by wanting to solve the challenge of creating a supply change. There were several challenges they had to overcome--lack of gravity, off-gasing, robustness, remote operability. Look for many more space start-ups as Silicon Valley moves into this "space."
Oct 31, 2014
Take Your Pet Drone For A Walk!
Do you ever wish you could have a robot for a pet? The ultimate selfie device? This might be the drone for you! Dr. North headed to Zurich to meet Fotokite founder Sergei Lupashin to see a flying UAV with a tether. The one-of-a-kind leash not only provides a direct connection to the flying robot, but also serves as a visual accountability mechanism--so that those around know who the drone belongs to. More About Fotokite
Oct 16, 2014
A Kinder, Gentler Assault Rifle?
This product attaches to a rifle or shotgun and allows law enforcement to aim and fire pepper spray instead of a bullet. Doc North visits the design team looking to save lives, but wonders if using a lethal weapon to aim a non-lethal one will do what it's supposed to, or something else.
Oct 09, 2014