How To Tell The Perfect Lie
We all know lying is bad.. but sometimes, certain situations give you no other option. Anthony has some tips on how to make that lie more convincing than any other.
Sep 07, 2013
Pot Is Not A Gateway Drug!
Pot has been blamed for years as a gateway to doing harder drugs. But new data suggests not only is this blame misappropriated, there's actually another more accessible and damaging culprit out there...
Aug 18, 2013
China Air Pollution: Off the Charts
The smog in China is now so bad that one millionaire is manufacturing cans of air to help people breathe! No joke. It's so bad that on the Air Quality Index Beijing measured 775, when the entire index caps out at 500. 500! What's going on? Trace has the details.
Feb 02, 2013
Hard Science

Join hosts Anthony and Tara as they turn the world around them into a giant science experiment. From a hovercraft race powered by horses to a giant art piece made of glow sticks, there's nothing too big or crazy for these two mad scientists.

May 12, 2016
How To Survive Becoming a New Dad
One of the manliest things you can do is learn to be a father. Terry and Anthony have enlisted some expert advice to teach the survival tactics it takes to raise a new baby.
Dec 05, 2014