Clownfish Talk to Keep the Peace: Clownfish

negotiate with each other through a series of clicks and pops in order to maintain their social structure,


The "Finding Nemo" fish live in anemomes on coral reefs in groups of up to six. The

biggest fish is female, the second-biggest male and the others sexless until they're older.

The fish talk

to each other, clicks up the power ladder, pops down the power ladder. Paired with some charging and

chasing from the biggest fish, the peace is kept.

"Sound could be an interesting strategy for preventing

conflict between group members," lead study author Orphal Colleye, a postdoctoral fellow at the University

of Liège, Belgium, told LiveScience. "In terms of cost energy, you don't have to interact with another

individual to determine which is the dominant and which is the subordinate, you just need to make a


Sounds like a U.N. under the sea…