Climate Change To Shrink Fish:

We've known that letting the big one get away can help fish populations grow, both in terms of individual fish sizes as well as in numbers, because larger fish are better reproducers. But climate change may prevent fishers from even finding the big ones. Warmer waters increase the metabolic rate of fish and their body's oxygen demand; the oceans, however, are expected to not only warm, but also become more acidic, and less oxygen rich. Modeling the effects of climate change over the first half of the 21st century on 600 fish species, climate scientists at the University of British Columbia found that it's not just distribution and the reproductive abilities of fish that are changing. In order to maintain equilibrium between the temperature of the water and their internal body temperatures and metabolic oxygen demand, fish are likely to shrink in size by up to 24 percent. The climate scientist published their findings in the journal Nature Climate Change.