Have you ever woken up somewhere over the rainbow in a field of poppies, surrounded by a lion, a tin man and a scarecrow? Me neither. At least not yet. But it's nice to know that, when I do, as long as I'm wearing Dominic Wilcox's No Place Like Home shoes, getting my bearings straight will be as easy as clicking my heels together three times.

Wilcox, a British designer, recently showcased his latest creation: GPS shoes "that will guide you home no matter where you are in the world."

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Simply program your destination into the GPS device and the dandy leather shoes will guide the way. The GPS receiver is located in the heel of the left shoe. On the toe of the left shoe is a circle of LEDs that light up, working like a compass to point you in the direction you need to walk. On the toe of right shoe is a row of red LED lights that indicate how far you have to go. The closer you get to home, the more it lights up. Consider it the pedestrian version of the 'hot/cold' game.

"I thought about the Wizard of Oz and how Dorothy could click her shoes together to go home," Wilcox explained on his website. "After uploading your required destination to the shoes via a piece of

custom made mapping software and a USB cable, the GPS, which is

embedded in the heal , is activated by a heal click."

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Fashionably speaking, these shoes are sharp. They boast fine gray leather with red stitching, red laces and on the soles are doodles of buildings and structures in Wilcox's distinct style.

The shoes were commissioned as part of the Global Footprint project, which invites artists and designers to explore the economic, cultural, social and environmental impact of the shoes and boots industy. The shoes are currently on display at KK Outlet in London until September 26th.

via Inhabitat

credit: Dominic Wilcox