Do not confuse the shoveling cleaning fairy with the cleaning lady that drove a commuter rail train into an apartment building. No, this is a different cleaning lady. Her name is Susan Warren and she was recently arrested in Ohio for shoveling a neighbors driveway without permission. In a separate incident, this same woman broke into a home last May and cleaned it without the owner's consent. Oh, what a woeful world we live in when a middle-aged woman can't even clean a house or shovel a driveway out of the kindness of her heart.

The problem is that said woman, 53-year-old Sherry Bush, left a note charging the owner $75 for the housecleaning. When the homeowner called Bush to see if she had made a mistake and cleaned the wrong house, Bush said no, that she does this all the time. Bush was promptly arrested and pleaded guilty to attempted burglary and trespassing.

After the shoveling incident, Bush was arrested again. She could face jail time, but no charges have been brought for the unsolicited snow shoveling, an Elyria Police Department spokeswoman told Reuters.

via Yahoo! News

Credit: Philip Nealey/Getty Images