Sometimes an iPad is more or less an overpriced toy, what with all of the apps, games and different capabilities. But what if the nostalgic gizmos of fun times past were updated to make the tablet device a beautiful and interactive toy — no gaming experience required?

Joelie Aeschlima, a design student at the School of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland, created three wooden music boxes, aptly named ‘Little Boxes’ that play music when cranked on an iPad.

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When one of the boxes is set on the iPad screen, the tablet recognizes it and plays music when the box is cranked. Each box is a different side and plays different sounds, on top of that, they each create visuals when interacting with iPad. The graphics are somewhere between interactive screen-saver and old school kaleidoscope. The boxes are just prototypes and will probably stay that way. However, for a cool peek at the prototype with a full demo, check out the video below.



via Ubergizmo

Credit: Joelie Aeschlima