If your PIN is 1234, it’s time to change it.

DataGenetics, a tech consultancy company, analyzed numeric passwords leaked from exposed databases and found the aforementioned 1234 makes up 10.7 percentage of four-digit PINs. Overall, the top 20 weakest passwords make up more than a quarter of all PINs. The list, below:

But what about strong PINs? Unlike the list above, which shows obvious patterns, the least common PINs appear to be more random. Ranking at No. 10,000 is the combination 8068. The last 20:

Another takeaway from DataGenetics is that people appear to use PINs that are based on years, with high frequencies for numbers that begin with 19, like 1967. “Every single 19?? combination can be found in the top fifth of the dataset!” according to the company.

Image: catatronic/Creative Commons