Looks like the future is going to be tasty. This week the world’s first oven with built-in Android controls debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Appliance-maker Dacor showed off its new 30-inch Discovery wall oven on the show floor. Front and center is a Wi-Fi connected 7-inch LCD touchscreen display with stereo sound. It’s basically a tablet computer embedded in the oven, allowing wannabe chefs to check email and search for recipes instead of placing a laptop near food prep.

On a practical level, the oven also has a proprietary cooking app called the Discovery IQ Controller, which you can load onto other devices. Need to start cooking something in the oven from the grocery store? No problem.

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My current oven is ridiculously fancy compared to the absurdly narrow one in my first New York apartment, but this Dacor Discovery is in a whole different category. You can enter the exact weight of the meat you’re about to cook, adjust a slider to the doneness you want, and once it’s finished cooking you can get a notification on your phone. It will also keep dishes warm after they’ve been cooked and uses a unique steam function to clean smaller messes without high heat or chemicals.

All that functionality comes at a price, naturally. The ovens are expected to become available this summer from kitchen appliance retailers, priced at about $4,500 for the single oven and $7,500 for the double oven. Hat tip to Engadget’s Mat Smith, who got a firsthand look at CES.

I can just picture it: Oh, excuse me, my popovers are texting. They’ve finished baking and are warming in the oven now. Judy Jetson would know what I’m talking about.

Credit: The phone app for Dacor’s new Discovery wall oven. Credit: Mark Chubb, Phonesreview.co.uk