Are you more Eggshell with Romalian Type or do you go for the subtler Bone with Cillian Braille? Are you neither? Perhaps you're more taken by Pale Nimbus on White with Raised Lettering?

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Regardless of you choice of business card, you know how important it is that your card makes a lasting impression. After all, in today's start-up world, where a billion-dollar idea is just an email or phone call away, you don't want your card to get lost in the fishbowl. Paper just won't do. You need something with a little more weight to it.


Don't worry. French creative agency, Murmure, shares your urgency. They understand that as you climb the corporate ladder you need a business card that will cement yourself in the minds of your colleagues and contacts.

That's why they've created a set of cards made of concrete. Yes, concrete. They may sink to the bottom of the business-card fishbowl, but trust me, if you hand one of these babies out, you'll be heading straight to the top.

And just listen to how Murmure describes their cards. No doubt their eloquence would even make Patrick Bateman and his fellow investment bankers at Pierce & Pierce sweat with envy:

"This material, so characteristic of our environment, was enhanced by using the smallest and most refined communication support. The refinement and the technique required for the typography highlight the harshness and the roughness of the used material."

As if these slabs of impractical yet exquisite genius couldn't get any better, get this. They come with their very own built-to-scale wooden shipping pallet so you can impressively stack them on your desk. And to keep them from crumbling they come with a small black carrying case.

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Now if the carrying case is made from fine Italian ostrich leather, brother, we're in business. Then I'd be all but guaranteed to snag that coveted Friday night reservation at Dorsia. I mean, it's true. Their sea urchin ceviche is to die for.

via Gizmodo

Credit: Murmure