A celebrity mountain lion living in Griffith Park in Los Angeles may have just revealed one of the ways he manages to survive day to day: He keeps an eye out for zoo animals.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “P-22,” a mountain lion that’s well known in the area, is considered the top suspect in the killing of a koala that formerly resided at the Los Angeles Zoo.

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The koala, 14-year-old female Killarney, went missing and her remains were found a few hundred yards away in Griffith Park, outside of the zoo’s grounds.

Camera trap photos from Griffith Park showed P-22 was in the area, but the case is not open and shut.

“The evidence is circumstantial,” L.A. Zoo Director John Lewis told the Times. “We don’t have any video of it taking the koala. We can’t say 100 percent.”

Killarney, the zoo’s oldest koala, had a habit of strolling the grounds after nightfall, leaving behind the safety of the trees, making her a prime target.

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Officials are not sure how P-22 could have gotten into the enclosed grounds, though they submit it’s possible he jumped an 8-foot fence that surrounded the koala’s enclosure.

P-22 is thought to have been born in the Santa Monica Mountains and later managed to cross the busy 405 and 101 freeways into Griffith Park. He was featured in a striking image from National Geographic, prowling through the night with the famed “Hollywood” sign in the background.