While I understand the security need for CAPTCHAs (those funny little text boxes that require you to re-type whatever letters they contain), all I can think about is how ironic it is that I have to prove I'm not a spambot to a computer program.

Now with the creation of the Civil Rights Captcha, those text boxes want even more proof of my humanity. Instead of showing random letters and numbers that need to be retyped, the CAPTCHA asks a question that the user must respond to with the most empathetic answer.

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For example: "In Kosovo people are tortured in detention. How does that make you feel?" You can choose: excited, bothered or great. If you choose the "right" emotion, you can go on about your digital business.

Questions are being raised as to how secure this kind of CAPTCHA really is. Who's to say that a computer won't be able to guess the politically correct answer? At the same time, it's an interesting and thought-provoking spin on an otherwise annoying task. If anything, it may inspire some more Google searches on human rights issues that may have gone unnoticed.

The program was developed by the Civil Rights Defenders, a Swedish group

that hopes this kind of platform will shed light on human rights issues


Want to add this CAPTCHA to your own site? Get the code here


Credit: Civil Rights Defenders