Yeah, we know you won your fantasy football league 3 seasons running, and your local “betting professional” moves the line when you give him your college football picks, but here’s a real challenge for you: Can you out pick a football picking, gridiron prognosticating, wild turkey?

Meet Jimmy Junior. Named after Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell, he’s the world’s first football-picking turkey. And this Thanksgiving he’ll be attempting to go three for three in predicting who will win all of the holiday games that Thursday: Detroit at Houston, Washington at Dallas and New England at New York.

Plucked from a family farm in Kentucky, Jimmy Junior isn’t taking this challenge lightly. He’s been training with ex-NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde and is taking on all comers. You can test your skills against Jimmy Junior in the Wild Turkey Triple Barrel Challenge.

He’ll make his picks in NYC on Tuesday, Nov 20th, and you can go to his Facebook page and make yours anytime before kickoff on Thanksgiving Day. If you out-pick him, you’re entered in a drawing to win a deep fryer. Or a Wild Turkey t-shirt. Plus you’ll get “I beat a turkey” bragging rights. Just don’t brag to PETA.

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